High Fantasy. High culture. Low attendance. For the staff of the Rivercliffe Museum of Mostly Natural Histories, the only thing harder than finding new patrons is suffering each other...until a new exhibit results in a world of trouble marching up to their front gate.


DARK AGES is a high fantasy workplace comedy audio drama disguised as a podcast and lovingly crafted by a team of creative ne'er-do-wells scattered across the country, but mostly settled in balmy Atlanta, GA, scenic Kirkland, WA, and Los Angeles-y Los Angeles, CA.

Join the dysfunctional staff of the RMoMNH for a full year's worth of misadventures involving monsters, magic, mayhem and mass-market museum jokes.


Produced by

Liz Macke

Created/Directed by

Brandon Kraemer

Sound Design by

Stephen Mank


Cody DeMatteis

Megan Fausti

Denise Farley Gardner

Brandon Kraemer

Liz Macke

Alan Moore

Christina Romo

Joshua Sibley


(updated with each new episode)

Dan Almasy | @DanAlmasy

Eli Banks | @Eliology

Jennifer Barclay

Megan Fausti | @khoriander

Denise Farley Gardner

Brandon Kraemer | @brandokay

Jalysa Leva 

Liz Macke | @LizLizLizzo

Stephen Mank | @StephenMank

Brittany Michel | @BadCarrotStudio

Alan Moore

Zack Overton

Christina Romo

Taylor Roy

Jeremy Seymour

Joshua Sibley

Dana Swanson | @danaswanswan

Laurie Catherine Winkel


Original Music

Christopher Taylor

Original Music & Credits Music

Stephen Mank

"(Theme From) Dark Ages"

Written and performed by J. Christopher Arrison

Produced by Brent Busby


Wendy Gardner

Erik Huestis

Scott Hunt

Paul Isakson

Heidi Kraemer

Dan Solomon


Eric Aichele
Tay Ausbrooks
Ricky Bryant, Jr.

Alex Bustillos
Chris Corum
Joyce Ferry
Sarah Holstein
Kyle Javelli
Mark Junker
Hannah McVicker

Dagny Phillips-Stumberger
Luis Romo
Orin Strasser
Mike Taylor
Joe Tucker