Welcome to the Museum…

May 24, 2018

“…You’re gonna learn a LOT while you’re here.”

I had a problem with follow-through, but I’m getting better.

See, I’ve been knocking around this idea of a history museum stuck in a high fantasy comedy setting for over 15 years.  In that span, these characters and concepts have been almost-but-not-quite-realized in multiple forms: a webcomic, an animated TV show pitch, a movie pitch, a visual novel, a regular novel, a Twine game, and several others that never even made it past the “what if” stage.  One of my favorite mediums to consume, the radio-style audio drama, continually slipped by me as an option, and the reason why is embarrassing: I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it all myself. So I put it aside.

I’m not sure what, exactly, I was trying to prove to myself before, but I finally hit a moment in the fall of 2017 that caused me to reevaluate my priorities and long-dormant passion projects. It was time to put or or shut up, creatively. I needed to finally see something through, it needed to be this… and I needed to ask for help this time. The first and only call I made was to longtime friend, former coworker, and ass-kicking producer, Liz Macke. That got the ol’ ball rolling. (She’s good at that.)

I am SO proud to be surrounded by this cast and crew as we crack wise over keyboards and in front of microphones in the periphery of day jobs and work hours. Turns out a lot of stuff starts happening when you stop trying to do every damn thing all by yourself. Only took me 35 years to figure that out.

If you enjoy this show, be sure to thank Liz. She’s been the driving force that’s kept this project (and me, a fair amount of the time) upright and going strong. Thank the incredible writers and voices who have pitched in to make this world and its characters brighter, bolder, and wonderfully weird. Thank the composers and editors, too, as they’re the ones boosting the soul of this show with surgical strikes of music and sound effects.

And thank YOU so, so much for listening. I hope you like the stories we’re setting out to tell! Check back here periodically for extra story tidbits, lore dumps, and more during the wait between episodes. It’s sure to be an interesting year…


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