The museum’s lone legal representative, Malison Almagus, enjoys her reputation as the most unflappable member of the staff, but her self-assurance is about to be tested by the sudden return of a former rival with a decade-old vendetta…and a discomforting number of unicorns.


Episode 3 of DARK AGES features…

  • Dana Swanson as Malison
  • Laurie Catherine Winkel as Cornelia Rose
  • Christina Romo as Stevie Tricks
  • Brittany Michel as Josephine and Flay
  • Brandon Kraemer as Nick, Unicorn Buff, and Muzak Demon
  • Alan Moore as The Dark Lord and Edmund
  • Joshua Sibley as Marwood
  • Eli Banks as Abraxas, The Professor, Goblin Awflwafl, Ronnie, and the Narrator
  • Stephen Mank as Demon King Nalbag’bazaar, Angry Man, and the Mysterious Hooded Figure
  • and Liz Macke as the Tour Golem and Harmony


Sound design by Steven Mank

Original music by Christopher Taylor and Stephen Mank

“(Theme From) Dark Ages” written and performed by J. Christopher Arrison and produced by Brent Busby

Story elements by Christina Romo, Cody DeMatteis, Joshua Sibley, Liz Macke and Megan Fausti

Produced by Liz Macke

Written, created and directed by Brandon Kraemer


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