It’s a big day for the Rivercliffe Office of Unemployment! The dedicated Job Placement Sean and his assistant Sam have grown quite adept at helping Rivercliffe citizens land their dream gigs, but the enormous line of eager, resume-waggling goblins outside their front door presents a new, terrifying challenge for which no amount of mediocre coffee can prepare them. (Better brew an extra pot anyway…they’re gonna need it.)


This very special bonus episode of DARK AGES features…

  • Goblin Crookley, written and performed by Joshua Sibley
  • Goblin Cankle, written and performed by Alan Moore
  • Goblin Grok, written and performed by Eli Banks
  • Goblin Montgomery Bankshire, written and performed by Alan Moore
  • Stephen Mank as Sean
  • Liz Macke as Sam
  • Brandon Kraemer as Goblin Choka


Additional writing by Liz Macke

Sound design by Stephen Mank

Original music by Christopher Taylor and Stephen Mank

“(Theme From) Dark Ages, Goblin Karaoke Ver.” by Stephen Mank, featuring vocals by Liz Macke, Brandon Kraemer, Joshua Sibley, Kyle Javelli, and Stephen Mank
Based on “(Theme From) Dark Ages,” written by J. Christopher Arrison

Story elements by Brandon Kraemer and Liz Macke

Edited and produced by Liz Macke

Series created and directed by Brandon Kraemer


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