It has come to the attention of the management of the Rivercliffe Museum of Mostly Natural Histories that MOST of the staff knows absolutely NOTHING about basic world history. You can see the problem, surely. As such, we hope you will join the curator, Marwood, for a comprehensive and 100% mandatory refresher on everything important that has ever happened, magical or otherwise, since the dawn of time. Oh, and you may want to bring a pen and paper. There’s always a test…

Episode 10 of DARK AGES features…

  • Dana Swanson as Malison, Vanthony, and Goblin Boogler
  • Joshua Sibley as Marwood and the Singing Sword
  • Stephen Mank as the Tome, Vaniel, and the Mysterious Cult Leader
  • Brittany Michel as Josephine and Peasant
  • Eli Banks as Abraxas, the Narrator and Goblin Attaboy
  • Alan Moore as The Dark Lord and Edmund
  • Brandon Kraemer as Nick
  • Liz Macke as the Tour Golem

Episode 10 was written by Brandon Kraemer, with additional writing by Liz Macke

Sound design by Stephen Mank

Original music by Stephen Mank and Christopher Taylor

“A little More Time” written by Liz Macke and Stephen Mank

“(Theme From) Dark Ages” written and performed by J. Christopher Arrison and produced by Brent Busby

Special thanks to Cody DeMatteis

Produced and edited by Liz Macke

Series created and directed by Brandon Kraemer

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