Rivercliffe has been hit by a sub-zero cold snap, but you’d hardly notice in the museum. Staff tempers are flaring up and arguments are growing so heated that it’s no wonder when Nick actually takes Abraxas’s bait and agrees to fix the furnace. All he has to do is navigate the labyrinth of sub-basements…and figure out exactly why their mysterious furnace is on the fritz in the first place.

Episode 9 of DARK AGES features…

  • Brandon Kraemer as Nick
  • Zack Overton as the Afterburner
  • Eli Banks as the Narrator and Abraxas
  • Brittany Michel as Josephine
  • Alan Moore as the Dark Lord and Edmund
  • Dana Swanson as Malison and the Weird Cultist
  • Joshua Sibley as Marwood
  • Taylor Roy as Todd
  • Denise Farley Gardner as “Chantal Cleansworthy”
  • Stephen Mank as the Mysterious Cult Leader
  • Liz Macke as the Tour Golem

Episode 9 was written by Brandon Kraemer, with additional writing by Liz Macke

Edited by Liz Macke

Sound design by Stephen Mank

Original music by Christopher Taylor and Stephen Mank

“(Theme From) Dark Ages” written and performed by J. Christopher Arrison and produced by Brent Busby

Story elements by Alan Moore, Christina Romo, Denise Farley Gardner, Joshua Sibley and Liz Macke

Produced by Liz Macke

Series created and directed by Brandon Kraemer

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