11. Dark Comes to Light (aka The Timbered Tablets)

With the Tour Golem on lockdown and the mysteries piling up, the museum staff splits the party (oh, you fools) to seek answers before the other, heavily implied, world-ending boot drops. For their sake AND ours, let’s just hope it’s not already too late… Boy, that would be bad, wouldn’t it?

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10. The Lesson Plan (aka The Tome)

It has come to the attention of the management of the Rivercliffe Museum of Mostly Natural Histories that MOST of the staff knows absolutely NOTHING about basic world history. You can see the problem, surely. As such, we hope you will join the curator, Marwood, for a comprehensive and 100% mandatory refresher on everything important that has ever happened, magical or otherwise, since the dawn of time. Oh, and you may want to bring a pen and paper. There’s always a test…

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9. Fired Up (aka The Afterburner)

Rivercliffe has been hit by a sub-zero cold snap, but you’d hardly notice in the museum. Staff tempers are flaring up and arguments are growing so heated that it’s no wonder when Nick actually takes Abraxas’s bait and agrees to fix the furnace. All he has to do is navigate the labyrinth of sub-basements…and figure out exactly why their mysterious furnace is on the fritz in the first place.

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8. Sweeps Week (aka The Inspection)

After a series of divisive escapades, the staff of the Rivercliffe Museum of Mostly Natural Histories has (finally) gathered together to (mostly) unite towards a common goal: pass the city’s annual thaumatic inspection! Everyone’s grown so much since last year… Surely they’ll pass with flying colors! Wait. Are those literal flying colors in the main hall? Why are the exhibits moving? Oh no.

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7. Marwood Goes Home (aka The Simple Stone Tablet)

Curator. Director. Manager. Marwood is an elf who takes his overlapping jobs very seriously—so seriously, in fact, that he rarely leaves his precious museum. He’d be content to stay forever, but an emergency back home might finally force him to leave its marble-columned embrace and face his family tree… or, more accurately, his family of trees.

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Goblin Special: Take This Gob and Shove It

It’s a big day for the Rivercliffe Office of Unemployment! The dedicated Job Placement Sean and his assistant Sam have grown quite adept at helping Rivercliffe citizens land their dream gigs, but the enormous line of eager, resume-waggling goblins outside their front door presents a new, terrifying challenge for which no amount of mediocre coffee can prepare them. (Better brew an extra pot anyway…they’re gonna need it.) Read more

6. It’s a Hard Nick Life (aka The Night Janitor)

Nick’s got problems, man. He’s already cursed to be the museum janitor for the next several hundred years. A sudden stumble into a second, anatomically oriented curse means he might be up all night, figuratively and literally. Oh, and something unseen may or may not be stalking him through the museum’s dark halls… and does anyone else hear a drill? Read more

5. D-Day (aka The War Memorial)

Abraxas, the museum’s cantankerous security agent, is so lost in his own war stories that he has a hard time knowing which era he’s in. Good thing his least favorite holiday has arrived to yank him back to the present, right? He is several years late for an important appointment, after all… possibly that last one he’ll ever make. Read more

4. A Bitter Cup of Jo (aka The Arfabarkus Wrex)

Josephine is perfectly content in the museum’s menagerie, hidden among its terrifying roster of ravenous, killer beasts…but when an old flame rides into town on a VERY loud horse with a monstrous discovery in tow, this aspiring beastmaster must choose between stepping into the light or sinking even deeper into the darkness. Read more

2. Edmund’s Plant (aka The Venus Pride Trap)

Several weeks have passed since the museum invasion, yet the staff’s head researcher, Edmund Nodd, still refuses to accept the new exhibit. His frustration and anger are making him even less tolerable than usual, but a mysterious seed is about to help him regain his focus… and discover the true root of his problems.

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1. The New Exhibit (aka The Crown of Shadow’s Dawn)

It’s a big day for the Rivercliffe Museum of Mostly Natural Histories! The curator is ready and eager to lead new attendees on an exciting journey of education and discovery, but a powerful and unexpected visitor has arrived at the front gate with his own agenda… and a rather sizable army of goblins. Read more