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6. It’s a Hard Nick Life (aka The Night Janitor)

Nick’s got problems, man. He’s already cursed to be the museum janitor for the next several hundred years. A sudden stumble into a second, anatomically oriented curse means he might be up all night, figuratively... Read More
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5. D-Day (aka The War Memorial)

Abraxas, the museum’s cantankerous security agent, is so lost in his own war stories that he has a hard time knowing which era he’s in. Good thing his least favorite holiday has arrived to yank... Read More
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4. A Bitter Cup of Jo (aka The Arfabarkus Wrex)

Josephine is perfectly content in the museum’s menagerie, hidden among its terrifying roster of ravenous, killer beasts…but when an old flame rides into town on a VERY loud horse with a monstrous discovery in tow,... Read More
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3. Spite & Malison (aka The Alicornucopia)

The museum’s lone legal representative, Malison Almagus, enjoys her reputation as the most unflappable member of the staff, but her self-assurance is about to be tested by the sudden return of a former rival with... Read More
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2. Edmund’s Plant (aka The Venus Pride Trap)

Several weeks have passed since the museum invasion, yet the staff’s head researcher, Edmund Nodd, still refuses to accept the new exhibit. His frustration and anger are making him even less tolerable than usual, but... Read More
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Teaser Trailer

High Fantasy. High culture. Low attendance. For the staff of the Rivercliffe Museum of Mostly Natural Histories, the only thing harder than finding new patrons is suffering each other. Read More

From the Break Room...

DARK AGES in ATL Fringe Fest!

We were accepted into the Atlanta Fringe Festival’s audio section! This is an extremely cool way to help spread the word. We’re in very good company, too. Check out the rest of the audio entries…

Welcome to the Museum…

“…You’re gonna learn a LOT while you’re here.” I had a problem with follow-through, but I’m getting better. See, I’ve been knocking around this idea of a history museum stuck in a high fantasy comedy…

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